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Collateral Program

2024 brings the exciting launch of our Collateral Program. This is the program is for borrowers who have strong projects, but do not have the financial requirements to grab the attention of banks or funds. 

With this program, borrowers are able to "lease" the collateral needed to jumpstart borrowing. 

Banks We Work With

Why Choose Us

Who is this Program For?

Previous Bad Experiences "Leasing" Instruments.
Only want to work with Top Escrow Firms. 
Large Borrowers of $50m Plus
Have Strong Underlying Project

Funding Terms

5% to 8% Fixed Interest. 
No Personal Guarantee.
World-Wide Funding.
Quick Closing

In More Detail

Issuance Cost is equal to 2% to 5% of the Loans Value. 

Borrower place issuance cost into Escrow. 

Borrower receives a quote.

Escrow Firm Holds Funds.

TPA Arranges for the collateral to be delivered.

Step One

Step Two

TPA arranges for funding against the Collateral

Step Three

Funding is Dispersed to Borrower. Escrow is released to TPA.

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