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Trade Finance 

We strive to provide our clients with global solutions to financial and trade transactions when discretion and speed is a priority. 

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We strive to be lean and nimble to provide our clients with services that they might not see with traditional banking teams. 

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Discounting Bills or Monetization 

Improved cash flow management and production of more working capital. Stop waiting months for transactions to close, get paid upon shipment. 


Issuance of Letters of Credit

Utilize our trade desk relations to issue Letters of Credit for your transactions, mitigating large amounts of capital or collateral typically required by banks. 

We can issue such instruments as; 

Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC)
Letter of Credit (LOC)

Documentary Letters of Credit (DLC)
Bank Guarantees (BG)


Document Checking

Through our international relations we can easily authenticate, verify and confirm other bank or institutional documents or messages, saving your confirmation fees. 



If you receive investment grade invoices or confirmed invoices, we will factor the invoices on day one so you do not have to wait to be paid. 

Some of the banks that we work with. 


Leasing and Monetization

TPA Project Finance will, on a case by case basis, lease Trade Documents (SBLC's, BG's, DLC) that can be used for import/export transactions or collateral enhancement. 

We Uncomplicate the Process. 

Lease transactions are not complicated. For a real transaction, you have two moving parts. The Escrow and the Receiving Bank. 

Our Strength 

As a SEC, FINCEN MSB regulated entity TPA has the financial strength to deliver large instruments. 

Receiving Banker is in Control.

Funds do not leave escrow until your receiving banker confirms via bank secure email to TPA that the instrument has been received and authenticated. 


2.5% to 5%

Lease Procedures



Fill out a full application, located here. 

Do not skip areas. Include a Proof of Funds to pay for the issuance cost. Not including the Proof of Funds means your application will not be processed. 


Receive Term Sheet. 

If we are interested in providing an instrument lease, we will provide a Term Sheet. 

Upon execution of the Term Sheet, a refundable $7,500 Contract Security Deposit must be placed in a neutral third party escrow account.


Receive Escrow Agreement. 

We will issue an escrow agreement. Depending on your transaction, you will be required to place 2.5% to 5% of the instruments face value in a neutral third party escrow account. This is non nonnegotiable. 


Fund Escrow. 

You will fund Escrow. 


Confirm Instrument. 

We will deliver the instrument within 5-days. Your receiving bank will confirm the instrument. 


Release Escrow.

Upon your receiving bank sending an email to TPA confirming receipt of the instrument, escrow will be released and the transaction will be closed. 

Fee Chart



$3M to $9M

$10M to $49M

$50M to $150M +




Get in Touch

If you have a transaction that you think could benefit from our expertise in Trade Finance, we encourage you to get in touch with us. 

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